Immanuels School bedankt sich mit Video und einer E-Mail

Dear Students, Parents, teachers and staff at Holthausener School,


The students, teachers and staff at Immanuel’s School in South Africa are so overwhelmed and thankful for the hard work and dedication you showed in organizing and taking part in the recent sponsorship run that you had on behalf of our school and ProjectHelp. We are so blessed to know that you went through all of this hard work just to show us caring and kindness and help us to better fund our school. We wish we could help you as much as you have helped us!


Just a little bit about us: We are a small village school in Gordons Bay in the Western Cape Province. We have 140 students at the school in grades Kindergarten to 7 and most of us are political refugees from Zimbabwe. We left Zimbabwe because life was not very good there and in South Africa we have a brighter future. We will use the money over the coming school year to purchase necessary supplies, materials, equipment and stationary so that we can attend classes. Sometimes our parents can not afford to buy us what we need and we appreciate your help!


We hope to hear from you again and thank you for your time and dedication. Please see the video link below so that we can thank you in person.


This is our grade 3 class and they wrote you these sentiments and then read them from the board together. They also wanted to sing you a special song they learned in Music class.




Kelly Badenhorst M.Ed.

Immanuels School Education Manager


Hier geht es zu einem Bericht auf der Homepage von project:help